Reno Air Races 2018 – Champions!

paderborn partnersuche This year’s prep began the day we landed from Reno 2017.  We had just pushed the plane faster than ever, and my inadvertent mixture bump caused us to pull up from the Gold Race on Sunday.  The good news was we didn’t break anything and had a great baseline. We started with the engine overhaulContinue reading Reno Air Races 2018 – Champions!

Reno 2015 Recap High speed flying, 50’ off the desert floor, with 9 other planes is a high octane adrenaline filled ride.  Be sure to catch all the action on NBC Sports’ broadcast of the National Championship Air Races on March 27th at 3pm EST. Check out the inside story from pilot Andrew Findlay about this year’sContinue reading Reno 2015 Recap