Clipped Wingtip Mod

sportsnation hosts dating Introduction During the 2017 National Championship Air Races, team One Moment was pitted opposite Kevin Eldridge’s NXT “Relentless”. This meant we had the whole week to observe the sleek airframe. The wingtips in particular, have always caught my eye. The pointed shape is designed to reduce the drag caused by wingtip vortices. Looking back atContinue reading Clipped Wingtip Mod

Reno 2015 Recap High speed flying, 50’ off the desert floor, with 9 other planes is a high octane adrenaline filled ride.  Be sure to catch all the action on NBC Sports’ broadcast of the National Championship Air Races on March 27th at 3pm EST. Check out the inside story from pilot Andrew Findlay about this year’sContinue reading Reno 2015 Recap