Reno 2017 Recap

STIHL National Championship Air Races Recap 2017 So Close! It was a week of excitement, challenges, a lot of learning and an incredible group of people.  STIHL continued their title sponsorship of the event, and the racing fields were packed with action.  There was a full Timber Sports display and it was great to chatContinue reading Reno 2017 Recap

Reno 2015 Recap

High speed flying, 50’ off the desert floor, with 9 other planes is a high octane adrenaline filled ride.  Be sure to catch all the action on NBC Sports’ broadcast of the National Championship Air Races on March 27th at 3pm EST. Check out the inside story from pilot Andrew Findlay about this year’sContinue reading Reno 2015 Recap

Modeling and Wind Tunnel Testing

Today’s Project: Reshaped the 3D printed fuselage with clay, tested it in the NASA wind tunnel for a week (the latter might not be true), 3D scanned the reshaped fuselage, and overlayed the scanned shape with the original one to create the templates for the ribs… Cheers, Andre